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More on the connection between Israel and the Christchurch killer

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Christchurch, the Former Islamic Minister: Mossad Behind Shootings”

By VT Editors


28 March, 2019
___di  Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio per VT Italia
The suspicion of an Israeli track behind the massacre of New Zealand and Linwood’s New Zealand mosques becomes a diplomatic case. After the previews of the intelligence expert Gordon Duff on the American site Veterans Today , reported with further particular and anomalous coincidences from the Italian portal of international investigations Gospa News , the hypothesis that the head of the commando assassin Brenton Tarrant was helped by the Mossad , the secret services of Tel Aviv among the most powerful and efficient in the world, end up in the newspapers of Oceania as well as those of Israel because of public statements by one of the most influential Muslims on the continent. “I am here and I say that I have a very strong suspicion that behind him there is a group and I am not afraid to say that I feel that the Mossad is behind this” referring to the killer and the Christchurch massacre . A sentence as heavy as a rock above all because it was pronounced on Saturday 23 March during the commemoration of the 50 victims in front of thousands of Muslims at the Auckland gathering organized by “Love Aotearoa Hate Racism”.
Former Fijian deputy now president of Auckland’s most important mosque during his speech – CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR THE VIDEO
The video, with his suspicion, immediately bounced off social media and within a few days it also exploded in the media with the immediate outraged reaction of Israeli communities. Above all because it was not an ordinary Muslim who uttered the phrase but Ahmed Bhamji , president of the mosque Mount Roskill E Umar , the largest in New Zealand , according to which there would be no better specified “Zionist affairs”. Insinuations that aroused a harsh reaction from both the Israeli newspapers ( Times Of Israel and The Tower ) and from the Embassy of Israel in Wellington . The latter, as reported by the NZ Herald, in an official note yesterday, Wednesday 27 March, called the accusations of Bhamji “absurd” and “deplorable”. “All the Israeli people, together with the people of New Zealand, mourned the horrific massacre of terror against the Muslim faithful in Christchurch– wrote the diplomatic office of Tel Aviv – The absurd accusation made by Bhamji is a deplorable expression of the lowest anti-Semitic prejudice and we are confident that it is completely rejected by the leadership of the Muslim community and by all New Zealanders. At this moment we want to convey again the deepest sympathy of the Israeli embassy and the state of Israel to the victims and families of the attacks on the Al Noor and Linwood mosque “. Very nice words that clash a bit with the barrage of missiles fired in the last few days on the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip despite Egypt’s attempted mediation and, a few hours ago, also on the city of Aleppo, in Syria.
The video of the massacre in the Al Noor mosque – WARNING! STRONG IMAGES.
The accusations of Bhamji were immediately censored even by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission , which stated that “the prejudice against the Jewish people has no place in New Zealand . We must condemn racism, hatred and anti-Semitism whenever we see it “. But the lights of many international media have become bright and could – and should – lead some reporters to verify the multiple correlations between Israel and the Tarrant highlighted by Veterans Today on the basis of international intelligence sources, and those revealed by Gospa News on 2012 NzSis inquiry (the New Zealand secret services) regarding thepresence of Mossad agents in Christchurch , a mosque where two Foreign Fighters of the oceanic continent had radicalized , later killed by a US drone while they were on board an Al Qaeda convoy in Yemen. To these facts are added the suspicions on the prohibited weapons used by the killer and the singular circumstance that among the victims there is also a Palestinian graduated in computer science in Canada and resident in Kuwait during the first Gulf War . Elements that represent, for now, only important clues to strange Israeli movements and connections with the New Zealand city and are still not enough to prove a Mossad conspiracy: but should at the very least urge those who investigate the massacre to broaden the horizons of the inquiry. The declarations of the Muslim leader have also had a great deal of echo because he is not a simple Islamic preacher. Ahmed Bhamji is an Indian businessman from Fiji where he became known as a politician of the National Federation Party at 37, when he was elected Mayor of Ba . In the 1987 general election for the House of Representatives, he won in the North-East National College in the Labor coalition with 12,786. He became Minister of Communications, Transport and Works in the Bavadra Government, which lasted only a month due to a coup. Right after this event, Bhamji left Fiji and emigrated to New Zealand, settling in Auckland where he was elected president of the Monte Roskill E Umar mosque in March 2019.


Brenton Tarrant is not 28 years old and is not of Australian origin. From these points the certainties leaked by some international secret services that knew the killer of the massacres of Christchurch mosques well and kept him under surveillance because he would have been trained by Israel to kill the Syrian president Bashar al Assad . In one sentence we understand why his story is much more complex than the one so far described in bits and pieces on the media: in it the fanaticism for white suprematism would be nothing else than the external habit, the emotional impulse, the “official motive” ”Of an alleged transnational and supermassonic conspiracy, in the sign of that strategy of terror that in thethe Eighties tore Italy apart with multiple massacres, mostly left shrouded in unfathomable mysteries whose truths are perhaps hidden in classified documents and therefore secreted by the governments involved. Then, to justify the permanence of Gladio , the Anglo-American paramilitary military intelligence plan called Stay Behind happened : officially designed to defend the Italian peninsula from the risk of a communist political drift, and consequent utopian invasion, as emerged recently from the results of the Commission parliamentarian on the Moro crime ; realistically implanted by the United Kingdom first and co-opted by the United States of America then to guarantee the perpetual armed colonization of the “aircraft carrier of the Mediterranean” as it is defined the boot of the Bel Paese in coarse war jargon.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s Wilhelmsbad Castle took place at the Masonic Congress in 1772
Today the strategy of terror on a global scale could serve to legitimize a new arms race after the crisis suffered by the defense technology industry, on which the largest investment funds speculate, at the end of the second millennium for the fall of the Soviet communist regime and the proliferation of so many pacifist rulers influenced by the humanitarian mission of John Paul IIaround the world, the first pope in history to touch the most remote lands and challenge even the countries with the most anticlerical dictatorships. But above all today the strategy of terror could justify the democratic wars: formally for the defense of human rights but essentially for the robbery of black gold and natural resources against those countries that shun the logic of compromises with the Anglo-American axis Zionist. These three war empires are increasingly united in the Masonic brotherhood: invented by powerful Protestants and British atheists to join forces against the claims of the Catholic heirs of the Royal House of Great Britain and then grafted by the German Jews Askenazite and Cazari  of theBavarian Illuminati at the historic congress of 1872 at the Wilhelmsbad Castle owned by Mayer Amschel Rothschild . The Masonic Triad , as we might well define the “deep state” (occult state) that governs the  United Kingdom, USA and Israel , congenitally born to oppose authentic Christianity , as the encyclical Humanus Genusof Freemasonry pronounced by Pope Leo explains well XIII on April 20, 1884. But accepting the cult in a generic divinity (according to a deist theosophy with atheist-pantheistic drifts) is not afflicted hostile to Islam : in its small it confirmed itLoggia Scontrino of the Trapani study center of the same name , a crossroads of mafiosi, eminent politicians, international secret services but also influential Muslims. She is not an opponent of Sunni tyrannies and Muslim kingdomsproducing jihadist terrorist organizations, with which they flirt carelessly of their massacres of civilians, but at the moment she is the only sworn enemy of the Shiite regime of Iran , long-time ally of Russia and China . They are the only possible antagonists of the Western New World Order : the plutocratic-war project of the most elected Masons, historically flourished in the American lodges of the Supreme Council of Charlestonand the independent Jewish order B’nai B’rithand then landed in the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg . The innumerable testimonies with facts, dates, places and names are in the page Freemasonry and Conspiracies in the general menu of Gospa News . The plots in the lobbies of armaments between Zionists, Yanks and British with the complicity of India, Germany, Italy, France and Norway in strict order of relevance, we will narrate them in a rich report on which we have been working for a month. This long premise was necessary to provide the reader with the magnifying glass with which to analyze – and be able to trust – the reconstruction of the history of theChristchurch stragista and the hypothesis of a conspiracy that hovers around the mysterious coincidences on the massacre: among which the use of military weapons prohibited and only supplied to the police, the manipulation of the transmitted video, the murder, among the 50 victims , of the New Zealand Muslim leader of Palestinian descent veteran of the Gulf War in Kuwait where he worked as a computer scientist and of several Pakistani and Indian Muslims, today at the center of serious tensions between reciprocal governments.
Former Marines and military secret agent Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, shows one of his powerful rifles
“We received information from our sources in India that this attack was planned and coordinated with the Kashmir attack on February 14th. Netanyahu was supposed to be in India on the 11th and both Netanyahu and India Modi face the risk of prison for agreements with bribes: Netanyahu for German submarines and Modi for French jets. Israel runs India , organizes its elections as they do in the United States , and terrorism, in America , New Zealand , Kashmir , certainly in Paris and around the world, is part of their wealth of tricks.VT received information from intelligence sources immediately after the shooting in New Zealand according to which the suspect was a trained murderer and his identity as a cover, and that of his family, are largely false ». To write is Gordon Duff , veteran of the US Marines but above all a former military secret agent and then intelligence consultant in half the world, even in Italy for a short time. He lives in Ohio , where he managesthe American Veterans Today website as Senior Editor , along with other veteran amalists, specializing in geopolitics, international investigations and news from war zones. A portal of in-depth counter-information – for which I am honored to collaborate – banned by Facebook and other network environments as it is considered close to the intelligence of the US antagonistic countries, including of course Russia and Iran , despite Duff himself being a diplomat accredited multiple countries of the world. In April 2017 the VT server were the target for 12 hours from cyber attacks with highly damaging viruses by Us Cyber Command at Fort Huachuca in Arizona after they ignored a warning letter the Department of Homeland Security  of the White Housefollowing the detailed report on a fake chemical attack in Syria , built by Al Nusra, White Helmets and the Turkish military to blame Assad’s army ( see link at the end of the article ).
Fort Huachuca in Arizona, military base of the US Cyber ​​Command
The twenty-nine New Zealander Brenton Tarrant from the personal trainer profession but with great experience in the use of the weapons and a lot of cold blood typical of a military training
And precisely with the controversial Syrian issue Brenton Tarrant would be implicated according to the American intelligence expert: “We have a young single man of 28 years, an” athletic trainer “who travels around the world, photographs everything, is loved by everyone, then yes adventure mysteriously in a personal murder. What we really have is a trained 42-year-old murderer from a Jewish family who trained against the Palestinians and served in southern Syriaand Idlib with Al Qaeda , transiting in and out of Turkey. Of his travels around the world as a “young man with a desire to travel”, there is no trace on social media. We do not have school photographs, no professional history, no education, no work history, another “empty person” like our Sandy Hook “shooter” ( the reference is to Adam Lanza the author of the massacre in the Conncticut school of December 14th 2012 ) and many others. This time he made the mistake of crossing areas guarded by Russian and Syrian intelligence, where VT receives private daily briefings. They know him, after all, he should have killed President Assad. Oh that? The CNNdid you not mention this? The history of Tarrant itself answers the questions. All the media reported that the killer was inspired mainly by the acts of Anders Breivik , the neo-Nazi and anti-multiculturalist responsible for the killing of 77 people in Oslo and Utøya in Norway in July 2011, as well as by Dylann Roof , head of the massacre of Charleston (South Carolina, USA) occurred on June 17, 2015, in which 9 people lost their lives. Among his contemporary landmarks also Luca Traini and the Basque Josue Estébanez.On the weapons used for the massacres Tarrant had also written the names of historical figures such as Admiral Marcantonio Colonna and Doge Sebastiano Venier , thus referring to the Battle of Lepanto of 1571 against the Ottomans . But this anti-Islamic white supremacism, as mentioned, is only the fanatical instinctual fomite, the wild emotional human jungle on which others have boldly constructed the architecture of a militia conspiracy.
Brenton Tarrant photographed in front of the Court shows the occult suprematist / Masonic symbol
” Brenton Tarrant , who was photographed showing the infamous” 666 Sign of the Beast “, the identifier of the maximum Masons initiated in satanic ritual, is increasingly being reconstructed as a false person,” writes Gordon Duff, referring to the images of OK upset that according to many is a sign of white suprematism but for others it is a symbol of occult elite masonry of which Albert Pike , the southern Confederate general and founder of the Ku Klux Klan was considered a pioneer , as told by another military man, the commodore of the Royal Canadian Navy William Guy Carrin his 1956 book (see link at the end of the article). “CNN confirmed that Tarrant visited Egypt and Greece in March 2016, and Turkish state broadcaster TRT reports that it visited Turkey in the same month, before returning in September and staying in the country for about seven weeks. . Local news agencies also reported that Tarrant visited the Balkan nations of Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. In the hateful “manifesto” sent to the Prime Minister of the New Zealand Jacinda Ardernand to others shortly before the mosque’s attacks, Tarrant wrote that his world view changed radically during his trip to Europe in 2017. Tarrant visited Bulgaria and Romania in late 2018, according to Bulgarian prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov to journalists, according to state news agency BTA. Tsatsarov added that the suspect had a very good knowledge of the history of the region. CNN confirmed that Tarrant also visited Pakistan in October 2018 “. So far the former American Marines summarizes what was already in the public domain but then highlights: «Turkey has been added to the group of visits after VT reported its 3 visits to Turkey.What is not said is that his visits to Turkey coincide with his 6 months in Israel starting in 2018 and imply his departure from the province of Idlib, where he was “bloodied” (involved in bloody actions – ed) by Al Qaeda / al Nusra, protected by Israel . Previously, in 2017, he entered Israel and from there, he entered Syria where, according to Russian military intelligence, he visited Deraa and then a refugee camp outside Tanf, where Israel and the United States stationed hundreds of ISIS fighters under refugee coverage. This is confirmed by a general of the Russian army. The Russia is seriously considering to face the American army in Tanf ».
The map of the last clashes in Syria where the conflict zones in Bagouz, Idlib and Manbji were highlighted and that of the Al Tanf border where the Al Rukban refugee camp is located
The reference is to the “ghetto” of Al Rubkan to which Gospa News has dedicated a report in recent days, pointing out the tragic conditions of displaced women and children who could and would like to return to their freed villages but remain imprisoned there by rebel Fsa, Fdd or Esl (Free Syrian Army) for the approval of the US Command of the nearby military base that feeds them. “Tarrant was in Rukban camp, and from there he went to Deraa, where he met ISIS cells, and then he was escorted back to Israel and from there to Turkey where he entered Idlib and met with al Nusra. He has traveled in and out of areas of Syria occupied by ISIS / al Nusra to Turkey 3 times before going to Belgrade »he remarkedSenior Editor of Veterans Today before referring to the scenario reconstructed by Syrian intelligence that ” Tarrant has been on a” black list “since 2012 as an Israeli trained assassin posing a threat to President Assad . Their documents, presented to VT in Arabic on 03/16/2016, say that Tarrant’s family was in Palestinein 1948. They have no documentation of family origin and, technically, this makes his family, of Jewish religion, “survivors of the holocaust”, even if it had not been in Europe during the war “. This status would have allowed him to benefit from the funds, distributed at the Claims Conference, a non-profit organization, founded in 1951 by representatives of international Jewish organizations, which helps survivors get compensation and distributes the funds (one-off 2556,46 euros), which it receives from Germany: since 1952 the German government has paid about $ 70 billion in compensation. From here the personal trainer would have drawn to allow himself the beginning of his trip in Israel, Syria, Turkey.Mossad (HaMossad leModi’in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim – Institute for Intelligence and Special Services) : whose deep ramifications were discovered by chance in Christchurch , where the massacres took place in the two mosques of Al Noor and Linwood , made by the guided command from Tarrant.
Former US military secret agent Paul Buchanan, now a geopolitical columnist in New Zealand
“Security expert Paul Buchanan believes the police and the SIS have reason to worry about reports of possible Israeli spies in Christchurch during the February earthquake.” The story dates back to the tragic earthquake that in 2011 hit the city killing 181 people including three Israelis. One of whom is suspected of being a Mossad agent or informant because he was found with five foreign passports on him. It was reported by all the New Zealand newspapers, but only five months later, following the Southland Times scoop on the NZSis (New Zealand Secret Intelligence Service) investigations in Wellingtonthat they would not have succeeded in proving the allegations but raised a scandal especially for the silences of the then Prime Minister John Key . For journalists, in fact, on the hypothesis of espionage he declared that “it is not in the national interest” to provide details. ” SIS suspicions arose when Benyamin Mizrahi, who died in the earthquake, was found with” at least “five passports on him – reads the NZ Herald websitewhich summarized the key points optimally – Three other Israelis who were in a van with Mizrahi at the time of the earthquake, fled the country within 12 hours. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called John Key four times after the earthquake. A private search and rescue team was sent from Israel to Christchurch, however they were not allowed to enter the CBD (emergency zone) because it was not accredited by the United Nations and was subsequently escorted by the red zone by armed police. The Israeli civil defense chief has left Israel for Christchurch, as has the Canberra- based ambassador. Another Israeli, illegally in New Zealand, was reported missing in the earthquake but then a few weeks later he reported leaving the country. Key refused to answer most of the questions about the story. When asked if he had reason to believe that Mossad agents had been active in Christchurch, Key said: “I am unable to comment on these things and I will not. I don’t think it is in the national interest to do so “ “. An attitude that did nothing but exacerbate suspicions including those of Dr. Paul Buchanan, former US military intelligence officer in Latin America now residing in New Zealand: “We need to ask ourselves what is happening when we learned that the survivors left the country immediately and there were high-level Israeli interventions in the New Zealand government to bring in a search and rescue team, and when a search team is discovered and unauthorized rescue was sent here »always reported the NZ Herald along with the category denied by Israeli ambassador Shemi Tzur who called“ science fiction ”the implication of the Mossad claiming that the deceased and the fugitives were young on vacation. But it was the same Stuff (Southland Times)to report on the partial admission of former Prime Minister Key on “an Israeli search and rescue team escorted by the Red Zone by armed guards after being found there without permission. He confirmed that he was aware of an incident but “I cannot confirm all the details in the way you presented them”. The mysterious team was taken to the police station for identification. And this caused further anxiety among the 007 kiwis: “An anonymous SIS official told the newspaper that there were concerns that a group of Israelis had access to the national police database, which contains conviction documents and other information.” The story ended like this. With the bitterness in the mouths of journalists who kept their suspicions about the presence of the Mossad and the reasons for it.Daryl Jones and Christopher Haward , who in 2009 had converted and radicalized to the Salafi Islam , the most extremist of the Sunni confession, right in the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch , and then died in 2013 in Yemen on a convoy of Al Qaeda terrorists hit from a rocket launched from a US drone. The connection to this other story, reported by Gospa News in the previous article ( link at the bottom of the page), would also provide a clear motivation on the alleged suspicion of intrusion on law enforcement PCs. Certainly there is only the presence of numerous Israelis in that city where Tarrant, who the Russian and Syrian intelligences consider also trained by Israel, made a killing: using military weapons and recording a very suspicious video.
The AR! 15 rifle used by Brenton Tarrant has been banned in Australia and New Zealand
” Where a small arsenal of weapons was piled up, were improvised explosives made and many projects made without the authorities being informed? It is known that the security community monitors environmental groups, animal rights, social justice and Maori sovereignty and, when it does, it also works with private investigative firms, so why did the white supremacists not receive the same level of attention? To ask these questions today is always the former secret agent Buchanan , now director of a geopolitical site, in an editorial on the portal of the New Zealand radio RNZ . The other military intelligence expert Duff is especially suspicious of the powerful weapons used in the attack: “The video clearly shows that Tarrant was used to handling weapons and killing civilians. There is no doubt. Now we see a single AR15 with bizarre “California” modifications, no flash suppressor and a back kick to remove the handle. New Zealand has no laws authorizing them . We remind you that Tarrant does not come from New Zealand but from Australia. How did you get to Australia? How did you get 5 military weapons, some of them extremely illegal? How were they transported on the plane? Where they come from? Where I am now? – asks in one of the many articles on the subject the Senior Editor of Veterans Today – The original filming of the Tarrant shooting included the sight of an Eotech(rifle – editor’s note), produced in Ann Arbor, Michigan . This type has a serial number. What is that? It can be traced. The second shotgun used in the video appears as a Swedish-made Aimpoint, also very expensive and numbered in series. In the United States the use of Eotech is only in the version for law enforcement. Furthermore, the photographed weapon was one of the first versions of a specially modified AR15 , very similar to the weapons of the Clinton era “prohibition” period in the United States. None or very few of these modified AR 15 exist in the rural areas of Australia. The weapon was never used there because the 223 / 5.56mm cartridge was inadequate for hunting pests; few were supplied to the Australian military but with a 20-inch barrel from the Vietnam period and highly recognizable features like M 16 E1. How did this banned weapon come to Australia? Where do the other weapons, ARs, rifles and pistols come from? ».
The fake video unmasked by Veterans Today
The questions of the veteran of the Marines are multiple and disturbing at least as much as the discovery of the obvious manipulation of the first part of the film of Tarrant loaded as if it had been in direct motion during the shots fired outside the mosque. As demonstrated by the video played with slowdown by Veterans Todaythe cartridge case is ejected from the body of the semi-automatic rifle laterally and flies towards the ground but if you look carefully you find that none of the cartridges of the fired cartridge is on the ground. Furthermore, as shown in the enlargement, a magically circled red case vanishes in the white background wall. According to the experts it is a clear replacement of a scene superimposed on the other. In the same way, the first full-length video shows people already on the ground as if the shooting had been shot only after a first assault by the commando that, we remember, would have been composed by the militant trainer of Jewish origin and his three accomplices arrested, but always in 007 circles there are rumors of three other women vanished into thin air.
The Palestinian computer scientist Abdelfattah Qasem, former secretary of the Canterbury Muslim Association
That’s why the questions abound and the governments of Muslim countries are considering sending investigative teams to the site. Among these are Pakistan and India, which mourn 9 and 7 victims in the assault on the mosques of Al Noor and Lindwood, in which 11 other Muslim citizens born or resident in New Zealand , 5 emigrated from Egypt , 4 from Palestine , 3 from Fiji and Bangladesh (but a fourth boy is still missing), 2 from Afghanistan and Somalia , including the very small Ibrahim of only 3 years, and finally one from Jordanand another from Indonesia . In the face of the hypothesis of a massacre commissioned from Tarrant from which occult potentate stranger for a tightening in the international tensions between the West and the Arab countries it becomes important to try also to understand if among the assassinated in the terrible massacre there can also be some significant weight. Among these, only the name of Abdelfattah Qasem , 59, stands out . former secretary of the Canterbury Muslim Association , the region of which Christchurchit is the capital. Beyond the eminent role within the Islamic community, which has aroused condolences throughout the nation and also abroad, Qasem is originally from Palestine but, as reported by the Southland Times, he studied in Canada and in the United States becoming a computer specialist. Together with his wife Siham moved to Kuwait to work where he lived the terrible experience of the first Gulf War (1990-1991) for the invasion of the country by the army of ‘ Iraq of the rais Saddam Hussein . He moved to New Zealand in 2002 after visiting with his wife in 2000 because he was looking for a quieter place in the Middle Eastwhere to raise his children. After a period in the real estate sector and in the telematic sector he put his knowledge of Arabic and English in the translations in the service of the Islamic community. «He loved to help people and for a long time he acted as an interpreter for refugees and other immigrants. He was very kind and always smiling, “said Siham recalling how since he retired he had devoted himself to the animals on their small farm. «I feel bitterness and anger … We know that Abdel is a martyr, he went to meet his friends and preachers in the mosque. All our hearts are in pain and in mourning, but this is not New Zealand, New Zealand is “aroha”, it is love “. Could it be that in his computer science work in the Middle East or in the interpreter one he had contact with people under surveillance by intelligence for whom he became a privileged target of the Israeli-trained killer? Or did its simple Palestinian origin like that of three other victims justify the massacre? Certainly the attack proved very useful toTel Aviv to overshadow the 100 or so rocket attacks on Gaza that day in retaliation for previous rockets launched by the Palestinians. Or was it the presence of people from that Pakistan with which India , an important trading partner of the Israeli arms holding company Sk Group, is on a collision course ? Or it was just a massacre aimed at exacerbating tensions between Westerners and motivating some serious attacks by Al Qaeda or Isis jihadists , formally enemies of the Masonic Uk-US-Israel Triadbut in the facts often used for the “dirty jobs” suitable to justify the most massive war reactions of these states in the world? More questions pile up on the mysteries of Christchurch , the city called the Church of Christ . Tragic certainly not a random theater of a massacre too meticulously concocted to be the only birth of the grim mind of a white supremacist fanatic.
Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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