Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Right Sector

Ukraine's Right Sector only volunteer unit left in Donbas — Ukrainian General Staff
Talks on making the Right Sector radical nationalist group part of Ukraine’s Armed Forces are underway

Right Sector activists march in Kiev (archive)

20 February, 2015

KIEV, February 20. /TASS/. Ukraine's radical nationalist Right Sector group is now the only volunteer battalion active in the military operation zone in eastern Ukraine, and talks on making it part of Ukraine’s Armed Forces are underway, a spokesman for the Ukrainian General Staff said on Friday.

"Today there is only one volunteer unit - the Right Sector - left as part of military formations that are performing tasks in the east of the country," spokesman Vladislav Seleznev said.

In mid-November 2014, Russia’s Supreme Court declared the Right Sector an extremist organization and banned its activity in Russia. Russian investigators earlier said they had irrefutable evidence implicating members of the Right Sector group in mass killings of civilians in eastern Ukraine.

The Right Sector group played a leading role in the Maidan anti-government protests in downtown Kiev. The key figure in the movement, Dmytro Yarosh won a parliament seat in the October parliamentary election.

The organization's leader Dmytro Yarosh previously said that Right Sector doesn't recognize the peace agreements reached in Minsk and will continue combat actions in eastern Ukraine.

Kiev Ambassador to Germany: Neo-Nazis are part of our forces. Without them Russia would defeated us

Ukraine's ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk (Western Ukrainian from Lvov), made a shocking statement on Günther Jauch's TV show, one of the most popular political talk shows in Germany.

Answering the question about the large presence of "strange people with SS insignia" in the Ukrainian Army, Melnyk admitted that Azov and Right Sector neo-Nazis are part of the Ukrainian armed forces, that they are controlled and coordinated by Kiev's pro-Western regime and that without them "the Russian army" would advance much further. 

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