Saturday, 10 February 2018

NBC now gets its information straight from the CIA

War Criminals as Truth Tellers, John Brennan Hired by NBC

Sane Progressive

Links and sources: 

2015, Investors Salivate Over New Cold War John Brennan New NBC Analyst: 

James Clapper: 

Kissinger Calls First Strike Nuclear War Tempting: 

Meanwhile, US war crimes continues as expanded under Obama 

United States Dropped in 2016 (over 3,000 more than the year before, majority in Syria which we have NO declaration of war against): 

Oh yeah, Trump didn't stop arming terrorists like he said he would last May: 

Putin goes fishing with George W Bush: 

Who is now leading Russia Fairy Tale about Election Intervention by Russia in 2016: 

Caitlyn Johnstone articles: 

Meet New Owner of LA Times: 

Yes, the US is arming terrorists:

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