Saturday 14 September 2019

Global post-industrial revolution temperatures

If you look there is something else other than the precipitous increase in global temperatures.

Notice how temperatures decreased in the 1940's and didn't come back until the19080's

This is consistent with the assertion by GeoEngineering that geoengineering began in the 1940's.

It seems to have suppressed the increase in global temperatures for a while

Global temperatures since the Industrial Revoiution

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Joe Neubarth

A lot of people are talking about 1.5 C GAST (Global Average Surface Temperature) rise and 2.0 C GAST rise compared to Pre-Industrial temperatures.

Unfortunately, the Scientists from around the world can not agree on what the Pre-Industrial temperature was or what the Pre-Industrial temperatures were because different countries have different opinions. .

Folks, it does not matter what the temperatures were. They do not matter.

We were up to 15 C GAST or higher 7500 years ago. Nobody wants to go back to that date. Right after we hit that 15 C GAST, temperatures started going DOWN. They did not go down fast enough and with the addition of our agriculture and industry and propensity to burn villages and forests down, temperatures slowly started climbing back up. It is silly to try to pick one of those rising temperatures and say THAT was the temperature we will use.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Future Key Temperatures that we are going to soon reach are the only temperatures we should be interested in.

We are aggressively headed back up to 15 C GAST in a year or two and it will be hot and lots of crops will die in the fields that used to be bountiful.

16 C GAST will kill at least half the people on the Earth with tremendous storms and heat waves, and droughts and food riots and wars over agricultural land. Civilization in most areas of the Earth will collapse.

17 C will kill most of the rest of us with Tremendous Climate Disruption.

Who is going to do "What" to try to save the Earth remains to be seen, but so far, we are doing nothing and nobody appears eager to make changes. Apparently, that is for somebody else to do in some future far off time.

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  1. Excellent Point which evades the controversy about temperature "anomaly". The only important issue is when we will cross another 1/2/3 deg C starting now.


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