Saturday 28 September 2019

Reflections on the contradictory nature of Reality

Reflections on the contradictory nature of Reality

I can hardly begin to describe what producing this video has cost.

In recording the segments last night I filmed on Zoom until the app stopped working.

This morning I spent a long time formatting the video on editing software. When it came to uploading the file the upload stalled at EXACTLY 31% - not once but THREE times.

When I went to my laptop as Plan B after bringing the files over I found I couldn’t operate the software I had downloaded so I went about downloading the same editing software. When I transferred the app over to my laptop I found it would not work on the earlier OS so I decided to pay to download it.

Believe me when I say that was no easy task. Everything that COULD go wrong did go wrong!

Anyway, here we are with my attempt to bring the strands together and reflect on various aspects of our predicament.

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