Friday 13 September 2019

The state of New Zealand

Can You Smell the Fear?

Fear is gripping the nation, has it struck you or can you see through it for what it truly is?


Ummmmm – why did Simon 

Bridges meet with the leader 

of China’s secret police???

the Daily Blog,

10 September, 2019


Why is the Leader of the Opposition meeting with the leader of China’s Secret Police while being chaperoned by a National Party MP who is alleged to be a Chinese spy?

Look, I get that the handling of a sexual assault allegation by Labour’s hierarchy is appalling and MAFS should be cancelled because of domestic violence or something and how terrible it was that 3 of the Block contestants worked free for 3 months, but this story of the Leader of our largest Political Party meeting with the head of the Chinese secret police and the manner in which the SIS & GCSB managed to get away with enabling torture are stories of far greater significance to our Democracy and the way they’ve both been eclipsed is a tad alarming.
Bridges on Chinese television

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