Thursday 26 September 2019

I am likely to be silent for a few days

A personal message

This morning I got up early after a couple of days preparation to record an interview that I regard as being highly significant.

When we tried to get onto Zoom we failed to get onto the call and received the message that the "meeting is invalid". Several attempts later we tried Skype and whatever we did we got a strange echo that then moved into some form of electronic interference.  

When everything we tried was to no avail we scrapped the exercise and have put it off to mid- next week.

Now when I go back to Zoom and try to record something there is no sound and that is from something that prior to early this morning worked perfectly.

This is the sort of interference that has become a regular occurance every time I want to record (or post) something of great importance.

Clearly, someone does not want the message we have to convey to get out.

I feel absolutely exhausted by this experience and cannot focus on this.

I am planning a trip up country to visit my estranged brother who I have not seen in almost a decade (hopefully to bury the hatchet).

I am therefore rather dubious that I will be doing much on the blog between now and when I get back on Tuesday (UST).

It is the longest silence from me on  this blog even including stays in hospital. In the meantime I am working on yet another project.

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