Wednesday 28 March 2018

Severe drought in New Mexico

I am becoming less interested in the large number of general articles on climate change that softpeddle the whole thing - articles like this - 

Extreme weather is here to stay as whole world faces upsurge in major storms

If you still need persuading you have not been paying attention.

I am more interested in climate change news – what is happening to the ice, signs of crop failire and/or famine.

I expect that in the coming months the news will become more and more dominated by stories like this.

New Mexico farmers battle drought conditions

Severe drought conditions across New Mexico are forcing farmers to be creative and efficient in the way they plant their crops so they don’t use too much water. Glen Duggins, the owner of Five-Star Chile and a board member on the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, says rainwater and snowmelt were collected during last season’s wet winter, therefore there is enough water for farmers to irrigate despite the drought. However, if we have another winter like the one that just passed, Duggins says farmers will have to cut back more on irrigating in 2019.

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