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The CIA wanted to use the death of Litvinenko to bring about regime change in Moscow

There is some good material coming out of the Russian media on the dangers to Russian oligarchs and businessmen living in London

Comment from someones whose wife is Russian.

What she could not understand is that Putin enemies live all over the world but only ever get assasinated in the UK.”

A UK witch hunt: Russian Businessmen Flee London, Fearing for Their Lives

"My son was killed by the CIA, but blamed Russia." Father of Litvinenko, poisoned in England with polonium names his son's murderers 
Overseas the security services wanted to use the death of former FSB officer to stage a coup in our country, said Walter Litvinenko in interview to "KP"

Сейчас Литвиненко-старший заявляет, что его сына на самом деле отравил тот, кто и помог ему перебраться в Англию.

24 March, 2019

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This story seems to be very old. But now after exposure to combat gas recruited by the British intelligence service, Sergei Skripal – all I remember about it. We will remind, about what speech. Alexander Litvinenko, a Lieutenant Colonel of the FSB, fled Russia in 1999, fleeing from prosecution. Supposedly, he took the documents proving the involvement of the office to the apartment bombings in Moscow and other cities. First, he asked the political from the USA, but was refused. Later known in certain circles, human rights activist Alexander Goldfarb who led the Civil liberties Foundation of fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky helped Litvinenko to seek asylum in the UK. There is a former fsbeshnik reunited with his family — wife Marina and son Anatoly. According to the official version, Litvinenko worked in the protection of Berezovsky, wrote books, revealing the Russian government and his former senior colleagues. But after his poisoning with radioactive substance "polonium-210" in the British media appeared information that Litvinenko had collaborated with British intelligence "MI6".

The father of poisoned ex-employee of FBS Walter Litvinenko initially were active in the Western press, blaming Russia. In General, and later emigrated with his family to Europe. However, in 2012 after the death of his wife, he dramatically changed his point of view. Then he was found poor and literally frozen in the Italian province. "I want to go home to Russia! - cried the poor man. - Excuse me, Vladimir Vladimirovich", - these words the elder Litvinenko in 2012 showed all Federal TV channels (the interview with him was published in "KP"). Then Walter Litvinenko again disappeared from public view.

The father of Alexander Litvinenko Before his death, the son wrote to me on a napkin, who is to blame

And now - just after the recent attack on the agent of the British secret service in Salisbury - re-emerged. And not just any, but actually under the handle "killer" of his son Andrei Lugovoi (they behaved like old friends on the talk show "Let them talk"). It Lugovoy – also a former FSB officer – London was accused of poisoning Litvinenko with polonium on orders of the Kremlin.

Now Litvinenko Sr. said that his son actually poisoned the one who helped him to move to England, very close to Berezovsky, Alexander Goldfarb.
Forward, backward Home

I found the father of poisoned ex-FSB officer in Moscow comfortable and clean apartment with view of the Park "Troparevo". Seemingly ordinary apartment building, indistinguishable from hundreds of others. Only here around the fence and tight security...

After I repented in Moscow forgave me - said I Litvinenko. - To me people came, we talked. And for three years I was in Moscow and I am very happy.
- And this is your apartment?

- No, I got it. You can live here indefinitely, but she departmental.
Walter even forgot the name of the town in which he lived in Italy and where is now the tomb of his wife.

Mans... Stroke..... Oh, I don't remember. Somewhere near Rimini. There in Italy I have a daughter, I think she'll be back soon

- You knew about your son's cooperation with foreign intelligence?

- I learned it from Ahmed.... (Akhmed Zakayev — the field commander of the rebel President of Chechnya, Dzhokhar Dudayev, declared in Federal and international search on charge in terrorism and the killings of civilians and law enforcement officers. A close friend of Alexander Litvinenko in London. — Ed.). I knew that Sasha had a job with the underworld, pouring out of Russia. In our country they were lean, so they pulled whowhere: who less fortunate — Ukraine who more — to London or the United States. And Sasha as the best investigator of Moscow was, it is all the criminals know. So he worked there with those thugs. No wonder the Chechens always with him was. I know he traveled a lot - in Finland, the Czech Republic, and Italy in Spain. Right before he died, he visited Israel, and not as a tourist, and was engaged in business.

Recognition wife Goldfarb for the month of death

- Well, you have, as I understand it, some version of who could have killed your son?

I am confident that agents of the CIA - to discredit the authorities in Russia. To the Westimposed sanctions and this would lead to a coup in the country. After all, Sasha was poisoned several times. Bad son was back in October , his home, even an ambulance called (Litvinenko died 21 November 2006 — Ed.). The doctors arrived and determined the food toxicinfection washed the stomach. But not getting any better, only worse. November 1 called me Marina and says: "Come, Sasha is bad." But 10 days of November: "don't come, like better." And then again bad. When I arrived, Sasha was already in the hospital in very serious condition, hair fall out. Clearly was that he was poisoned by a radioactive substance, thallium was talking about. The fact that Goldfarb worked for the CIA, I knew exactly, it's me Ahmed said. And while he was in the hospital, that Goldfarb was wound several times in the United States. Probably not just like that, the main thing they had to poison Sasha. And he came to the hospital. There all came, and Berezovskytoo. No gear, nothing happened. What is polonium poisoning? This means people instantly burns all the mucous membranes in the mouth and esophagus. And that's what I watched already before the death, when apparently polonium and slipped.

Walter thinks that the story with Kripalani the same as his son. Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV
Walter thinks that the story with Kripalani the same as his son.Photo: VICTOR HUSEYNOV

- And Sasha is something you could say before you die?
- Yes, but we could not be with him here and so to communicate, like we're doing now. He showed me signs that all the talk you hear and write. But he gave me to understand that Goldfarb CIA, and Boris Abramovich Berezovsky under their hood. I realized that Sam and Sasha under the hood.
And Berezovsky did you think?

- No, Sasha is a normal, working relationship was Boris Abramovich. He had something like the guard was even several times from death saved. Incidentally, I suspect that it's hanging Berezovsky - also the handiwork of variables. There the money was great, this Goldfarb and spun around and around. To me it just did not like, to be honest. When, after the death of Sasha, a rally was held, I spoke: "Russia has the bomb, and my son is my heart, it closed", and I Goldfarb nudged straight to keep me quiet. Apparently, before I began to speak. And then we went to Alex Goldfarb, and there his young wife, crying and telling me: "Alex child (eng. – killed) Alexander". And they are all on it as shushed. A month later she was gone... She somehow died.

- Why did you then not learn from it?

- I a little that understood then. Was confident that Russia is to blame. I got into the swing of this propaganda that poured from all sides. A normal person to escape from this impossible. Was wondering when will be the proof version. But nothing, nothing but propaganda! And our Russian professionals, even after 12 years the case is not allowed because it is not profitable.
With Kripalani the same story?

- Of course! I think you are. Yes, I for the life of any Russian, who is now in England a penny broken will not give! Above us all, the sword of Damocles.
Coordinate interview with the father of Litvinenko Photo: from personal archive of the hero of the publication.
Coordinate interview with the father of LitvinenkoPhoto: FROM PERSONAL ARCHIVE OF THE HERO OF THE PUBLICATION.

"I warned Boris Berezovsky"

- After the death of Sasha you met in Goldfarb?

- Yes, but there was no special communication. Well, at press conferences sometimes met. And he told me usually even the words are not allowed. I say the same - was influenced by the propaganda and believed that the son of Russia was poisoned. It's then I like to be comprehended, thought about, remembered the nuances. I remember I spent the night at Ahmed for the first time after the incident when all the events surrounding the death of Sasha was developing rapidly. And here we were sitting in the office, came Goldfarb and says such excitement: "all right! Now Putin to stay in power after this!". But everything turned out differently.

But Goldfarb you in any charges. Here is a quote from his interview: "After the death of Sasha Walter arrived in London a few years milked Berezovsky. Then they got into an altercation, he left and then changed his point of view"...

- He lied! With Berezovsky, I never swore. And on occasion, I milked him or not - he gave me money, Yes. But I haven't milked and asked nothing. He had given me, and not in the hands, and through his people. And we never argued the contrary. Even before he died called up. And when they met how many times I told him: "Boris, look, travanut you like Sasha". And he smiled, but the potatoes were eaten off my plate, not his, because he was afraid.
Litvinenko Junior: don't believe that brother was killed by Moscow
The younger brother of the late ex-FSB officer Litvinenko Maxim criticized the new (and, in fact, old) insights London about his death. (details)

Scientist and writer Zhores Medvedev: Litvinenko was blackmailing oligarchs. That paid

- It was not a legal proceeding, and hearing (English inquiry), which have no legal consequences. It's not the verdict, there was no formal decision on the investigation. Led hearing ex-judge, and his decision is just his personal opinion after hearing a number of people. The impression is that everything was directed by a friend of Litvinenko, Alexander Goldfarb, and he's clearly made up his suicide note - the late English did not own. Put a former judge, because in this case the solutions do not have legislative force. In British law there is a procedure in case no data and materials for real prosecution. Widow, Marina Litvinenko, several times insisted on the organization of hearings, but she was denied is a very expensive procedure. And then suddenly decided to hold - simply because the current political situation allows us to represent Russia and Putin personally in a critical light. Despite the fact that the British Treasury hearings at a cost of 6 million pounds. (read more)

More materials on the subject: "THE LITVINENKO CASE"

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