Sunday 25 March 2018

A new documentary about Putin

Download before it disappears.

"Putin" - the Documentary Sure to Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Russia's President


A groundbreaking new film by Andrei Kondrashev. “Putin” dives into depth about the man who we all hear so much about, but who we know so little about.
From the early tumultuous days of the presidency – dealing with the terrorist situation, the Kursk tragedy and a demoralized Russia – to Putin now, the leader of a reenergized and recovered Russia.
A year in the making with personal stories that have never been told on camera before. Some will be shocking and stunning. Attempts on the president’s life and the toll of the presidency on Vladimir Putin himself – all of it has been brought together in the most complete portrait of Vladimir Putin that has been done to date.

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  1. In part 2 they talk about how he prayed during the theater seige. I am so glad they included that.


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