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The action of a police state

I wrote about what I regard as a False Flag on the same day that more damaging revelations about government spying by the GCSB on New Zealand's spying partners.

I still think it was primarlly about deflecting attention away from this, but it has also been used to try and put fear into a movement that opposes the use of a highly-toxic poison used to fight bovine tuberculosis in what is seen as a strategic industry.

Now tell me we don't have a fascist state (albeit one with, up-to-now, velvet gloves)

Anti-1080 activists raided by police, interrogated
1080 raid made pair 'feel like criminals'

Rolf and Ute Kleine, of Takaka, say they were made to feel like terrorists when police searched their home and business as part of an investigation into a 1080 contamination scare.
Rolf and Ute Kleine, of Takaka, say they were made to feel like terrorists when police searched their home and business as part of an investigation into a 1080 contamination scare.

Takaka couple say they were made to feel like terrorists when police searched their home and business as part of an investigation into a 1080 threat to dairy company Fonterra.

Rolf and Ute Kleine, open anti-1080 activists, were eating breakfast at their Pohara home on Wednesday when they saw four unmarked cars pull into their driveway about 7am.

At least 10 police officers got out of the cars and knocked on the door.

The police officers, believed to be from Auckland, presented two search warrants - one for their home and the other for their business, Takaka Infusion, a vegetarian teahouse and bakery outlet.

The warrants said police had reasonable grounds to suspect Rolf and Ute of blackmail, a criminal offence, and that searches of their properties would find evidence of this.

Rolf and Ute were not allowed to leave the detectives' sight. Ute said a police officer watched while she brushed her teeth.

They were both taken to separate police stations for questioning - Rolf to Motueka and Ute to Takaka.

"It was all recorded and filmed and at the same time they searched the shop and searched our home - everything - the computers, cellphones, and they came up with questions in between," Rolf said.

"They looked at everything that we Googled in the last five years."

Ute said: "I was pretty nervous, of course, and shocked and traumatised."

There are good reasons why Rolf and Ute were questioned as part of the police investigation into letters sent to Federated Farmers and Fonterra in November threatening to contaminate milk products, including infant formula, if New Zealand did not stop using 1080 by the end of March.

In 2012, Rolf wrote three "strong" letters to Fonterra about 1080 pellets being dropped close to dairy farms in Golden Bay.

In the letters he expressed concerns that milk products would be contaminated.

However, he signed the letters with his name, address and phone number and printed them off for police two weeks ago.

The Kleines are from Germany and police told them the threat letter seemed as though it was written by someone with English as a second language.

They are also part of the Golden Bay anti-1080 group Beyond 1080 and voted for the Ban 1080 Party at last year's election.

"I fully understand that you have to investigate," Ute said.

However, they have concerns about how police went about their business.

Rolf was questioned for six hours and Ute for four. When they returned home they said their veranda door was wide open, rubbish had been tipped out on a benchtop, insulation had been

ripped from a ventilation system and there were dirty boot prints all over the floor.

The search of their business meant they lost a day's income.

Ute said the police officers were polite, but she felt disrespected.

"We felt totally like criminals."

Rolf said: "I really felt like a terrorist and it's such a bad feeling. Really knowing you never did anything in your life and it's enforced on you. It's really unbelievable. They could have done it in a different way."

A police spokesman said specific individuals or details of the investigation would not be discussed.

"In the course of a criminal investigation, police staff must act professionally at all times and there is a clear expectation that staff will act lawfully," he said in a written statement.

"If any issues arise from this activity then there are a number of avenues by which these concerns can be addressed."

Rolf and Ute condemned the threat letters.

"We think it's really awful. It's something really terrible and we feel really how can you do that to parents as well," Rolf said.

"An anti-1080 protester would never do it because everyone's pointing."

Ute said that she was afraid that police were searching for someone to blame.

Beyond 1080 spokeswoman Rebecca Reider said Rolf and Ute were some of the "sweetest people in the world" and the way they were treated by police was troubling.

"They picked some of the nicest people in the world to paint as terrorists," she said. "I just find it really unfortunate that lovely people who have expressed a particular political opinion in the past are now being treated as criminals."

From Radio NZ

Police target 1080 activists after contamination threat

Four months after a threat was made to poison infant formula with 1080, police have been targeting anti-1080 activists. Several in the Golden Bay area have been questioned in the last week including Takaka teashop owner Rolf Kleine and environmental scientist and anti 1080 activist

My comments - 

I looked up the Kleines on Google and could not find a single reference to them outside of the two above reports. That showed me exactly how 'active' they have been. It seems they don't even bother expressing their views on Facebook!

There is no doubt that this is a complete false flag and if you want to understand why this has been chosen - just think the word 'DAIRY'. 1080 is used to kill possums in the fight against bovine tuberculosis as well as to protect our native bush.

It is also extremely toxic for other species. If you own a dog on the West Coast you run the very real risk that it might end up dead from 1080 poisoning.

It is almost an impossibility that anyone (if they indeed exist) could get their hands on the stuff - we are not talking about the green pellets - you don't put that into infant formula- but the white powder that comes from the US. It is under incredible security.

Listen to the following comments.

The only people who could get 1080 pellets are Animal Control Products. There is tight security as 1080 is imported from Tull Chemical Company in Alabama, USA  and goes to Animal Control Products in Wanganui, where they incorporate it into various baits, and there would be no power outside the factory. If there's 1080 powder it's an inside job

(NOTE - not an exact quote)

It is no accident that Key, when interviewed on Radio New Zealand's first reaction was "GCSB" and then, as an afterthought, "tuberculosis...dairy". Not a thought about NZ's native bush and birds - he doesn't give a shit about that!

"If you capitulated on the back of a threat like this where would it ever stop? Ultimately, the next issue would be that they don't like the GCSB or they don't like something else the government does...."

No doubt about it. This was a false flag carried out by this government, first - and - foremost to try and deflect attention away from damaging revelations about government spying and secondarily, to have a chilling effect on any dissent and opposition to anything that will effect our dairy industry.

If they are willing to suspend democracy in Canterbury, why wouldn't they do this?

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