Saturday, 28 March 2015

Guy's pulmonary embolism

Thank you, Reese Jones

Guy's recent experence is a reminder of the load that whistleblowers and truthtellers are carrying on their shoulders in the face of lies and disinformation.

In this case the existance of life on this Living Planet.

I urge those of you who can, to support Guy in his work financially, in any way you can.

Dr. Guy McPherson and His Recent Pulmonary Embolism

Dr. Guy McPherson recently suffered a pulmonary embolism aboard a recent flight from New York to California. Here in parts 1 and 2, he shares his intimate experiences in the plane and at the hospital as well as the ramifications of health crises upon our emotions and senses of well-being and how it all ties into human extinction, the end of empire and finally, the importance of humility, acceptance and good humour in helping maintain the spirits even among the most trying of circumstances.

Part one

Part two

by Reese Jones

Firstly, apologies for the sound distortions in the first part of the first video. Things do get better in the latter portions, thank you for bearing with us on that.

In these first two videos, Dr. McPherson shares the personal details of his recent experience with a pulmonary embolism that occurred during his flight across country.

It is always a bit of a wake-up call when one is confronted with a personal health crisis. When our bodies act up, we want to believe it is probably nothing, that it will simply pass, that all will be fine. Like a trusted, venerable, perpetual motion machine with endless warranty, we so take our bodies for granted.

But it is said that our health is our wealth; and for most of us, this most precious of capital never seems more ephemeral as when its vessel seems to shatter, its vital contents cast to the winds of chance.

It is times like these that we most begin to appreciate empire … and thank our lucky stars that we have the means to avail ourselves of said empire’s privileges. How ironic that empire creates the state of our decline, yet provides the means of our ascendance back to health. We deplore it; yet it saves us, that we may deplore it further.

We are like beset-upon nessie nimbies who feast upon a tempest-tossed sea of incongruities and contradictions.

Thusly, Dr. McPherson and I delve into this most difficult of states, these most visceral of states, the emotional and physical realms of when and how the body tells you, unremittingly, that all is not well. So what does one of our most ardent proselytizers of near-term human extinction do, say and think during such a personal confrontation with the possibility of his own, singular extinction?

It is with humor, acceptance, humility and grace that he forges through, maintaining peace, quietude, and rollicking good spirits. That we could all do the same, as so many of us may sooner than later confront circumstances beyond our control that may pierce the sanctity of our peace, safety, and very existence upon this most precious and glowing, blue-emerald gemstone of a planet.

That said, to all please be well, take good care, love generously, be kind, smile and laugh often.

And I must say in closing how much I love this verdant jewel careening through the Universe, that I had the opportunity to touch its face and embrace its heart, and would ask that we all be kind to every facet of it, loving and protecting EVERY blessed living being that feasts upon its surface, for as long as we shall live.

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