Saturday, 28 March 2015

Antarctic ice shelves

"From denial to despair"

It was a landmark event to hear Kim Hill interview Professor Tim Naish is the Director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University of Wellington.

One cannot but feel that this was a game of catch-up as little of the information was new (I have known about the melting of Antarctica from below for at least a year. Neither did it acknowledge the existance of the methane clathrate gun or any of the numerous positive feedbacks that are changing the climate much faster than any of the omputer models spoken about in this interview.

For all that it was a reolutionary interview that spoke the truth about what is happening in Antarctica. For this I have to compliment Kim Hill.

For those interested, Kim Hill interviewed Guy McPherson mid-year, 2014. On that occasion she wanted to hear everything but the stark truth.

Here is today's interview

Radio NZ's Kim Hill interviews Prof. Kim Naish on the ice melt in the Antarctica

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