Sunday, 22 March 2015

Documentary - Crimea's return to Russia

Here is the documentary, so much talked about that was shown on Russian TV last week featuring a long interview with Vladimir Putin – with English subtitles.

It is well worthwhile taking the time to watch

Crimea. Way Back Home.

Crimea : the Way Home. (English sub titles) a documentary on events in Crimea in 2014 and Crimeas return to Russia

Episide one

Here are the links to the other episodes

Episode 3 - Berkut. People's Protectors 

Episode 4 - Sevastopol. Defence of Crimea Parliament

Episode 5 - Crimean Tatars 

Episode 6 - Greeting Right Sector's Train of Friendship. Simferopol Airport

Episode 7 - Crimean Referendum. Vote of Crimea Parliament

Episode 8 - Berkut and Kuban Cossacks. Defence of the Border

Episode 9 - Black Sea Fleet. Coastal Defence System Bastion-P 

10 - Night Wolves in Yalta. Apprehension of Ukr. General Mikhail Koval

Episode 11 - Neutralization and Defection of Ukr. Foces in Crimea to Russia

Episode 12 - Natalia Poklonskaya. Night Wolves in Sevastopol

13 - Neutralization of NATO partners - Battalion Galichina

14 - Return of Crimea. Summary 

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