Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Cyclone Hola jumps to Category 2 status as it heads towards NZ

Cyclone Hola: New storm on track for New Zealand

Cyclone Hola is now intensifying even faster than originally forecasted, with the storm jumping to Category Two status on Wednesday morning

6 March, 2018

And this is just the beginning for the cyclone, with more strengthening expected as it crosses the Pacific.

forms near , may also affect and possibly (+4 Maps)  via @weatherwatchnz

Hola is currently lying over Vanuatu, bringing with it heavy rain, heavy seas and destructive winds of around 95km/h at the centre.
"On Thursday Hola will track westwards away from Vanuatu and north of New Caledonia, intensifying into a Category 3 cyclone (which classes it as 'severe') on Thursday or Friday," Weather Watch warns.

Rain & thunderstorm activity has increased to the east of , a sign of a strengthening tropical disturbance. The potential for this system to develop into Tropical in the next 24-48 hours is high, according to @FijiMet.

Impacts to Vanuatu on Wednesday 🌀

"As for international modelling for New Zealand, overnight ECMWF (Europe) has placed Hola tracking further west into northern New Zealand or even the Tasman Sea while GFS (America) remains consistent showing the storm will track past East Cape on Monday," Weather Watch says.
"It remains one to watch for New Zealand but for the next few days it will be Vanuatu and New Caledonia most exposed to Cyclone Hola."

Pacific aid continues, Tonga gets $10 million

It's less than a month since Tonga was battered by the cyclone which destroyed hundreds of houses and its 125-year-old Parliament and damaged more than half of its schools

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