Saturday, 28 February 2015

Preparing for genocide

Who is paying?

A clue on the Boris #Nemstov murder. Mark Sleboda notes that he is "being bombarded by Google for the anti-govt pro-Kiev #МаршВеснa" in Moscow on Sunday and rhetorically asks "WHO IS PAYING FOR ALL THIS?!?"

This is a sign that the US State Department is preparing for 
#genocide and mass#murder. I noticed a similar ad and spam campaign on Google in late February, early March of 2011. 

As soon as I wrote #Libya on the Google search line, Google would display an ad for a US criminal outfit called "Human Rights First". The ad itself was a #hoax upon a hoax. Not only were there no "#Gaddaficrimes" or proof of them, but there was not even the propaganda the criminals were advertising. 

The page advertised never contained any proof or even serious claims for anything. It was just just an empty placeholder for content yet to be announced.

The real content was in the two lines on the Google results page: "Qaddafi's Crimes - Qaddafi is committing atrocities. Read about his crimes in Libya." The link was not even meant to be clicked. This was a subliminal message. It would be repeated over and over until you were ready to believe it.

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