Sunday, 6 August 2017

Heat and winds in the Arctic

Arctic sea ice – 08/05/2017

It is hard to escape the conclusion that Arctic sea ice is breaking up and melting.

But despite the body of evidence it’s not happening because Al Gore, the IPCC, Michael Mann and others are saying its not happening.

That’s what the models are saying – not for 30-40 years.

So avoid the direct evidence and what you see with your own eyes.

The authorities are telling us how we should think 

Temperatures around zero Celsius or above at the Pole

Sea temperature anomolies in the Arctic are more significant this year than air temperature anomalies

With winds of 47  km/hr blowing in the Central Arctic Basin it is hard to see how the ice can stay intact

Most temperatures in the region are up to 10C above average

Daily volume: 4,688 km³ (5th lowest for the date) Δ +238/day
–873/week, –3052/month, +2085/year, –1468/5year (–24%)
Daily extent: 6,041,914 km² (4th lowest for the date) Δ –138k/day
–609k/week, –2531k/month, +5k/year, +253k/5year (+4.4%)
2017 volume maximum 22,255 km³ on May 12th (*lowest*)
2017 volume minimum¹ 3,006 km³ on July 20th
2017 extent maximum 13,878,287 km² on March 6th (*lowest*)
2017 extent minimum¹ 6,041,914 km² on August 4th
¹Preliminary max/min
Source: JAXA / Wipneus for August 4th 2017.
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