Friday 25 August 2017

Hurricane Harvey to hit Louisiana

Louisiana Hurricane Center going into full panic mode.
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Unfortunately like I feared the winds are catching up now with the pressure on #Harvey. This monster is now packing winds of 105 mph (Strong Cat 2) with the pressure as I type continuing to fall now at 968 mb which means it's continuing to strength. AGAIN I personally am not ruling out this becoming a Category 4 or 5 before making landfall and then stalling.

This satellite is one of the most ominous sites I have seen in the Gulf of Mexico for sometime now. I warn everyone who is considering staying along the immediate Texas Coast and all areas with MANDATORY evacuations in the direct path of this thing to GET OUT NOW... this is a KILLER. Storm surge along the coast will be life threatening on top of winds and flooding. PLEASE LISTEN TO ALL WATCHES AND WARNINGS FROM YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITIES.

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