Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Guy McPherson - "I’m Mostly Done"

Guy McPherson has gone dark

For those who don't already know, because of the trolls (official or otherwise), Guy McPherson has effectively gone dark - at least, on Facebook.

I have been told that the Australian authorities are trying to bring Guy down before his tour later in the year.

Unless I hear something I will assume that he/she is too fearful to say more.
Such are the times we live in.

Unless you are directly involved you wouldn't know and might even think it paranoia.


Inbetween posting other items Imam trying to,post something on the Winston Peters affair. EVERY single time I try it fails, without exception.

As if someone is looking over my shoulder rather than just a technical hitch.
My Apple Mac has become unusable, so I am relying on Linux (on the same machine).

I’m Mostly Done

At the very least, I’m mostly done. Inadequate at motivating change in a significant number of people, ten years into writing and speaking about the most important threats humans will ever face, nearly a thousand posts in this space, I am taking a break. About a year after I wrote I would be retreating — a year in which I increased the frequency of posting in this space — I’m making the same promise again.

A strategic retreat is in order. The lethal combination of professional trolls and the Deep State — not that the two are mutually exclusive — has me changing my priorities.

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