Tuesday 29 August 2017

The latest inteview of Guy McPherson

"The best example of shooting the messenger I have seen. It is utterly disgusting and it will weal us all woe. Guy McPherson has been treated like the great Galileo. We have learned nothing since the Middle Ages and we have forgotten nothing either. Denunciation now rules OK. Due process is now all but gone."

---Comment on Facebook

GUEST: Guy McPherson - Nature Bats Last - Open Eyes 08-25-17

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  1. There is no conspiracy here, simply humans are not hard wired to grasp a danger that isn't in their face.
    If the cave man heard a lion roar in the next valley he wouldn't get upset, but if he stood in some fresh lion poop he would start to think there was danger.
    Same with modern man, hence the reason we jump in airplanes, or drive on the motorways "It won't happen to me" is the catch cry.
    Alas it is the same mantra we have when entering the maternity wards.


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