Sunday 27 August 2017

Catastrophic flooding in Houston, TX

Families forced to climb into attics to escape floodwaters in Houston
 - The flooding in Houston and surrounding areas is forcing people to take extreme action.
The Harris County Flood Control District is receiving reports of people  climbing into their attics as water continues to rise in southeast Harris County.
Authorities say water levels in the area are equal to or maybe even greater than the levels seen during Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.
Calls to HCFCD of people climbing into their attics. Flooding in SE Harris County is equal to or greater than TS Allison 
One woman in southeast Houston sent out a distress call on Twitter, saying she and two children were being swallowed up by water.
She wrote that 911 was not responding. Within 30 minutes, Houston Police were able to respond to her tweet and passed her message to dispatch.
I have 2 children with me and tge,water is swallowing us up. Please send help.
11115 Sageview
911 is not responding!!!!!!

FOX 26 Meteorologists are urging viewers to get to higher ground if there is flooding in your area as more rain is expected to hit us over the next few days.

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