Tuesday 29 August 2017

Radio NZ is the mouthpiece of the National Party

Just remember, 2 + 2 = 4

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I'm over FUCKING Radio New Zealand that has gone from being a station worth listening to, to an organ of the Natonal Party.

EVERYTHING is presented through the lens of the government and ITS response to controversies.

if that was not bad enough we are one heartbeat away from a nuclear confrontation and the RNZ did not so much as MENTION IT.

Perhaps I should be grateful that they mentioned that it's raining in Texas?

RNZ has becoming totally irrelevant when it comes to EVERY ONE of the most important issues facing humanity (and yes, that DOES affect N'Zild as well!) - climate change and war and peace. So unless I want lies and half-truths delivered by reassuring voices I will stay away.

Who would ever have thought that I could turn to stuff.co.nz instead! A bit like realising that Fox News occasionally has something to offer while CNN is wall-to-wall lies on just about everything. We live in strange times.

It has reinforced my determination to bring a little of the truth about things that matter while there is breath left in my body.

I can't think of nothing worse than living on a distant island in the middle of the ocean in a fascist dictatorship that starves the population of information.


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