Saturday 26 August 2017

Hurricane Harvey may hit US nuclear plant

Biblical” hurricane expected to hit US nuclear plant

  • Experts fear epic catastrophe

  • Rainfall could be “nearly apocalyptic… borderline unfathomable… unprecedented”

  • Wind gusts near 150 MPH expected (VIDEOS)

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24 August, 2017

WOAI, Aug 24, 2017 (emphasis added): Hurricane Harvey is setting its sights on the area around Corpus Christi… Located not far from where Harvey is expected to make landfall is the South Texas Nuclear Project nuclear power plant. Spokesman Buddy Eiler says the facility was ‘designed to sustain a storm,’ and there are plans in place to shut down operations if necessary…

STP Nuclear Operating Co., Aug 24, 2017: A Hurricane Warning has been declared for several counties in Southeast Texas, including Matagorda County. Hurricane Harvey is expected to make landfall near Corpus Christi on Friday, possibly as a category 3… At STP, we are tracking this storm closely and are making on-site preparations

STP Nuclear Operating Co., Aug 24, 2017: It is expected to intensify to a Category 3 hurricane before landfall… Significant flooding is likely for much of coastal and southeast Texas…

Washington Post, Aug 24, 2017: The extremely dangerous storm is predicted to strengthen and plow into southeast Texas on Friday… An incredible amount of rain… up to 35 inches, is predicted along the middle and upper Texas coast, because the storm is expected to stall and unload torrents for four to six straight days… Marshall Shepherd, a past-president of the American Meteorological Society, tweeted that he feared an “epic flood catastrophe.”… “In all these years, it’s rare that I’ve seen a hurricane threat that concerns me as much as this one does,” said Rick Knabb, hurricane expert at The Weather Channel and formerly the director of the National Hurricane Center… So much rain is predicted that the National Weather Service had to add a new high-end category to its forecast map

Minneapolis Star Tribune, Aug 24, 2017: Biblical Flooding Expected With Hurricane Harvey… NOAA’s 3 KM WRF model shows a landfall pressure of 912 millibars… which suggests a Category 4-5 intensity storm coming ashore near Corpus Christi… some meteorologists were agog over Harvey’s rainfall potential, using words like “unsettling” and “borderline unfathomable.”… All of these signals point to a setup that favors a major disaster

Bloomberg, Aug 25, 2017: “We are expecting catastrophic, life-threatening flooding in Southeastern Texas,” said Carl Erickson, a senior meteorologist for AccuWeather…

New Republic, Aug 24, 2017: [R]ainfall looks like it could produce truly unprecedented flooding, as meteorologist Eric Holthaus has pointed out…
KIII, Aug 25, 2017: Estimated winds could top 125 miles per hour with gusts up to 145 mph

KENS transcript, Aug 24, 2017: “Double-digit rainfall totals — and some nearly apocalyptic — are within reach. I mean this really could go to 20, 30 inches of rain.”

CBS News transcript, Aug 24, 2017: “We are talking epic flooding is possible in Eastern Texas — and that’s not an exaggeration.”

Watch broadcasts: CBS | KENS

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