Saturday 26 August 2017

South Texas Nuclear Plant is playing a game of chicken with a hurricane

Update on threat to nuclear power stations from Hurricane Harvey

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Via Facebook

Hurricane warning for all those in the path of the reactors near the sea. If anyone has the ability to test the areas after the storm for unreported leaks , it would be great, but more so, to test within miles of the areas waste holding sites of these reactors. We would think the people whom we pay to tell us would, but they don't.

If nothing else, be careful during the storm and the rarely talked about aftermath from waste near all reactors

From Libbie Halevy of Nuclear Hotseat, via Facebook

HARVEY ALERT: From Nancy Foust of Simply Info: South Texas Nuclear Plant is playing a game of chicken with a hurricane. They are refusing to shut down ahead of the storm making landfall. Their reasoning is if the storm doesn't reach 154mph winds at the plant they won't shut down. But they won't know this until the storm actually hits the area. By then it is too late. If they shut down at the point the storm makes landfall they are now doing a SCRAM shutdown in the middle of a hurricane. So any of the long list of problems that can happen while trying to safely shut down two reactors from 100% to zero would then be happening while they likely do not have offsite power. They would be unable to bring in equipment or people. They would be unable to work outside. This storm could also cause the water intake pumps to be either damaged or shut down. Damaged by high winds because they are out in the open, Shut down because if the water levels become too high it could force them to shut the pumps so they don't short out, or they could lose power to the pump systems.

Why are they doing this? Money. They would rather risk a meltdown or other serious event and all the damage that might cause rather than losing a day's worth of power generation profits.

Fukushima happened because they lost a functioning power source (generator or AC power from the grid) and the ability to use the lake as a cooling loop. Anything that causes these two things to happen can cause a massive disaster.

This video is hours old - he talks of a category 2 storm; it is now category 4


  1. We don't need nuclear power : Free Energy Forever.

    1. You are absolutely right. But of all the replacement energy sources for fossil fuels, nuclear is the only one that can only be done by large corporations. I think that is the main reason the US has not invested in solar, wind or other small scale, decentralized sources of power.

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