Sunday, 23 June 2019

How convenient!

British police called to home of PM candidate, Boris Johnson

British police have been called to the home of prime minister candidate Boris Johnson after neighbours reportedly heard a loud altercation between him and his girlfriend.

Left-wing neighbours admit to taping Boris Johnson row with partner Carrie Symonds

the Telegraph

A neighbour of Boris Johnson whose wife swore at the Conservative leadership candidate in the street and declared that “all Tories suck” has admitted recording a row between the MP and his partner and leaking the tape to a newspaper.

Tom Penn, 29, a playwright, who lives with Eve Leigh in the same building as Mr Johnson and Carrie Symonds, claimed he had made an anonymous call to police in the early hours on Friday after becoming “frightened and concerned” by shouting and banging coming from his neighbours’ home.

He said he gave his recording to The Guardian because Mr Johnson should be “held accountable” for all of his “words, actions, and behaviours”.

The call came on Friday mooring, with neighbours claiming they were concerned about the welfare of a female occupant of the property. In a statement released last night the neighbour who made the call claimed to have heard screaming. Mr Johnson refused to explain the events at a regional hustings in Birmingham describing it as a private matter.

Now, an insider on his team has claimed the call to the police was motivated by politics: “As far as Carrie is concerned this is a stitch-up.

It was a row like lots of couples have at the end of a demanding day but suddenly they found the police on their doorstep.”

The Sun claims Miss Symonds has told friends she is too afraid to return to her flat out of fear.

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