Sunday, 30 June 2019

Extreme weather events are occurring with greater frequency and intensity

Extreme Weather

Arctic News,
29 June, 2019

Extreme weather events are occurring with greater frequency and intensity. We are also seeing more wild weather swings, in which heatwaves can be followed up by cold snaps, and droughts can be followed up by flooding, and visa versa.

How does global warming cause such wild weather swings? Moisture is important here. Global warming result in warmer sea surfaces, in stronger winds and in more water vapor in the atmosphere (10.5 % more water vapor at 1.5° C warming).

More moisture gets into the air as there is stronger evaporation from oceans, vegetation and soils. Stronger evaporation means that soils dry out faster - even after stronger rainstorms, soils will quickly dry out, resulting in soils that are overall more dry than they used to be. Soils that are more dry are also more prone to fires.

Also important is that, as the Arctic warms faster than the rest of the world, the jet stream is changing.

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