Monday 29 January 2018

Are events coming to a head - Dr. Corsi unpacks the latest Q

This is fascinating listening.

Dr. Jerome Corsi who is part of the InfoWars family (not a positive in my mind) and who has known Trump for 40 years depacks the latest QAnon aphorisms.

He claims that both Assange (primarily) and Snowden are an important part of the counter-coupd along with the “Anons” of the “second American revolution”. He quotes Q to say that pressure was put on Theresa May to release Assange and that he was already in Switzerland when Trump was at Davos,

No proof whatsoever of all this of course.

Q is so esoteric it makes me wonder if Dr.Corsi has a direct link to heaven. The less charitable explanation is that he’s making it all up.

1/27/2018: Q POSTING NOW! - Guest, Dr. Jerome Corsi returns


  • Shit is going to the next level. the Deep State will pull out all stops including 'heartattacking' people
  • Trump is working with Saudi Arabian officials who are on the good side. They are strong arming that POS Alaweed who owns part of Twitter
  • Assange if not already will be released. Trump went to Davos to speak to Assange.
  • Ed Snowden will probably be allowed to come home. Snowden was a CIA plant who tried to take down the NSA for the CIA. But he tried to expose both of them. He is a whitehat.

  • The Hannity twitter thread wasn't an employee inside of twitter but was done by the CIA to threaten Hannity. Q says if something happens to Hannity there will be serious consequences.

  • - We are going to the next level. It's all out war now with the deep state globalists.

Then there is this - 

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