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The truth about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Re. reports that the seed vault is OK, the answer is:

Not without power and cooling. There's no permafrost around the vault anymore”

The headline may be provocative but justified given how Mann has used a falsehood to justify another falsehood - gradual climate change.

Only after outside, foreign pressure, did the Norwegian TV news mention this flooding. For ten seconds. Clearly having planned to just silence it completely, before The Guardian broke the news”

Comments are from Torstein Viddal from Norway.

Michael Mann lies about the Global Seed Vault on Svalbard

Torstein Viddal, via Facebook

Please note that Michael Mann in his attack on his interviewer Wallace–Wells, cites as true a statement that the Global Seed Vault on Svalbard didn't flood. 

As you will see very clearly below, this is a big fat lie.

The Longyearbyen Fire Department is permanent head of security for the Seed Vault, and during their rescue operation in October, they also had to use axes to hack the ice that had formed from the flooding, now blocking access to the seed chambers themselves. Electric cooling keeps the chambers in the former coal mine at –18C.

The Svalbard Post is the world's northernmost newspaper. It's in Norwegian, but due to the delicacy of this flooding event, it took a full 7 months before hitting TV news in May 2017.

Via eectronic translation

The fire department had to respond and help when water penetrated into the seed vault during extreme rain at the weekend.


On Tuesday, it was taken into new seeds in the seed vault. This time came the seeds from Burundi, Colombia, India, Singapore, the nordic countries, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Japan, Peru and Nigeria. A total of 29 boxes with 9.866 different frøsorter was added to the seed bank after they were scanned at the airport. The next time it is loading the seeds are first at the end of February.

Yes, it is true that there has been a water ingress in the weekend. We have now secured the area where the water has come in, " says Hege Njaa Aschim, director of communications in Statsbygg has been given the task to take care of all enquiries about the leak.

The fuses and the power went due to water ingress. Transformers to stabilise which was damaged by the water is now repaired.

All the seeds are well protected and secured, where we take no chances, make sure Aschim.

She says that they have a contingency plan and is on the alerten throughout the day in periods that are forecast a lot of rain.

We will make sure to have the staffing and the people who come and check regularly, " she says.

As a safety feature

Statsbygg started in the summer preparations to build physical barriers to prevent that meltwater from the Platåberget can gather around the adkomsttunnelen.

The seed vault is safe, but adkomstpartiet has given some of the challenges in this weather. We are extra protective in comparison to the actual vault. It is important for us to think both holistically and long-term planning, " says Aschim.

Transformers to stabilise to be moved out to get away unnecessary heat, and also to ensure easier access when there is a need for attention or repairs. Inside the plan is also an extension of the car park.

Test drills

Statsbygg has also sought to implement the 27 fjellkontrollboringer behind the seed vault in order to map the subsurface with respect to water, permafrost, and other related challenges. The site is registered as cultural heritage site, but the directorate for cultural heritage has granted permission for such drilling that all the holes filled properly again after completing the mapping.

We are currently conducting measures to ensure operation in an eternal perspective, says the communications director.


The vault is safe, it is the entrance area which now has given a challenge, " assures she.

It is the first time that there have been problems with the so the humid weather and this type of water ingress.

We are in a værsituasjon now where there is much rain, and resolve masses. Therefore, we must take all precautions. This handle the extreme weather has made that we have put in additional measures. It has not been in the cards that it must be taken such into account, " says Aschim.

It has previously been water ingress in the utmost in the tunnel, which is 35 meters long

Here is the latest pushback against the truth

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  1. the above video is so dishonest. It misquotes the content and intent of Wallace-Well's article entirely. He did not use scare tactics, he posed a worst case scenario under specific assumptions. And he did not, "over-state the science."
    Mann said that based on two errors he found, which W-W thanked him for pointing out. I am pretty sure both Mann and whoever made this video know they are misquoting and distorting. And if they don't, they should simply re-read the Wallace-WElls piece, maybe with a yellow highlighter or something to help with reading comprehension.