Monday 24 July 2017

Multi-year ice in Arctic has melted

I saw this expressed a different way – only 6% of multi-year ice, relative to 1984, remains.

95 % of multi-year Arctic sea ice is GONE

«"What good is extent if thickness is incomparable to 2012?

 What's left over is very thin. 95% of 2 meter ice is gone now, 99% of the 3,4 and 5 meter ice too."

I agree. It is very bleak. 2012 was still melting through multi-yr ice of 2-3M 

2017 is going to be feasting on 1-1.5M ice that hasn't seen a summer 

The losses vs. all other years over the next 30 days are going to mount to 
absurd levels due to the volume deficit which is now going to manifest in 
continued area/extent drops. 

It's as if nearly the entire Arctic was covered in the ice of Hudson Bay.»

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