Friday 28 July 2017

Arctic Feedback Dynamics

For me this is simply one of the most informative and clear presentations on Arctic feedback dynamics.

From 2013.

Arctic Feedback Dynamics Presentation by David Wasdell

Part one

Part two

Responses To Arctic Dynamics:

"Congratulations! Have now seen video through and am deeply impressed by the way you get the whole Arctic issue across. Better than I could have done. This deserves maximal exposure in the world."

Peter Wadhams - Head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.

"A very high impact presentation indeed!... I would like to emphasise the importance and value of your brilliant work, and invite you to speak once more at the ICES Biennial Workshop here in Geneva - in front of 45 chosen people.

Bob Bishop - Chairman & Founder of BBWORLD Consulting Services Sàrl and President & Founder of The ICES Foundation, both Geneva-based organizations.

"I spent time listening to your video in which I found to be a very compelling argument for climate change impact of potentially horrendous proportions in the immediate future. ... I felt the quality of this recording to be far superior to some of the previous ones you made. I think you have reached the capacity to produce a very professional level of video presentations. I was thinking of sharing this latest presentation with the Director of INternational Center for Migration, Health and Development in Geneva."

George Dorros - Completed a long career with the World Health Organization. Professional expertise in the field of Change Management

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