Sunday 23 July 2017

Paris train station overwhelmed with migrants

What is REALLY going on in PARIS, that the media WILL NOT SHOW YOU

20 July, 2017

Lauren Southern, a Canadian activist and journalist, has been doing a lot of reporting on what is REALLY happening in Paris.  The above video is a train station in Paris that ships in hundreds of “Syrian refugees” every day.  As she reports, these people are neither “Syrian” nor are they “refugees”.  They are North African economic migrants, mainly men “of fighting age”, and they are “flooding France”.

THIS what the media WON’T show you!

The point of her video?

As Lauren explains, “for those who are confused by the point of this video, the point is that France is changing forever due to mass immigration. The people in this video were not speaking French, the women were not wearing their hair in French Braids, they had their head scarves on.

When I was driving from the airport I saw people being fed from volunteer aid vans in the Syrian zones and coming up to your cars with signs in Arabic. The posters on the walls and the protesters yelled refugees welcome. Much of what you are looking at is not legal or proper migration and assimilation. France will not be France for long.”

In a just released video she interviews two Parisians about the above video … as many like to dispute her perspective.  Watch for yourself … they think it is even worse.

Paris is NOT alone. Brussels is OVER. Germany is on it’s way. Poland has resisted … as has Switzerland. Let’s hope it is not “coming to an America near you”.

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