Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Greens lurch further to the Right

Are the Greens looking at jumping into bed with the Nats? They have lost all principles since I was a member.
James Shaw throws Barry Coates under a bus for flawed Green Party strategy
13 July, 2017

Remarkable 24 hours in Green politics which has culminated in James Shaw throwing Barry Coates under a bus for flawed Green Party strategy.

Coates is a regular contributor for The Daily Blog and this week posted the Green Party position on their strategy to attack NZ First

If we were not part of the coalition, we would not accept a Labour-New Zealand First government and certainly not a National-New Zealand First government. Neither will be acceptable to the Greens. We want the Greens to be the beating heart of the next government and the strongest possible party vote for the Greens is the only solution.
Coates, like a good soldier, is only articulating the attack NZ First strategy that the leadership has insanely embarked upon and for articulating it, he’s had James Shaw throw him under a bus on the morning political shows claiming that Coates is somehow wrong in his analysis that the Greens are threatening to with hold their support for a NZ First-Minority Government and force the country back to the Polls.
What’s actually happening is the same thing that happens every time the Greens fuck up strategy and tactics, they frantically are trying to back peddle their position now they’ve realised how bad it looks.
They did this when they voted for the budget and realised National would use that.
They did this when they realised running Gender against Ardern was madness.
They did the when they voted with National for Red Peak.
The enormity of the fuck up the Greens have embarked upon by attacking NZ First and trying to threaten the nuclear option of forcing the country back to the Polls is only dawning on the Green Leadership and they are more than happy to crucify Coates if it means trying to reign their stupidity in.
In an extraordinary move, Mr Coates has said a Labour-NZ First Government would be “unacceptable” to the Greens.
Asked by Newshub if this meant forcing the country back to the polls for another election, Mr Coates responded: “It could do.”
Mr Coates also said Green MPs had discussed refusing to support a Labour-NZ First combination as a caucus in the past fortnight.
[Labour-NZ First] could not count on the support of the Green Party there is no automatic support that is provided for a Government under those circumstances,” Mr Coates said.
Shaw is now trying to claim that this wasn’t discussed and wasn’t the strategy.
So who are you going to believe? James Shaw, a former coke-cola consultant or Barry Coates, the former Executive Director of Oxfam?
This is a needless cluster fuck by the Green leadership who should never have embarked on this kamikaze attack on Winston in the first place.
The Greens have allowed their uber woke middle class Twitter activists to call the shots on strategy and are paying a heavy price for that stupidity.
This is a total home goal by a Party who are increasingly looking like they are unable to function in any Government.
Winston will be laughing all the way to the ballot box. Un-fucking-believable bullshit by the Greens.

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