Monday, 15 January 2018

Thread on Hawaii

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There was a missile headed towards Hawaii.

The emergency text wasn't sent by accident. Pic related.
I made a thread about this yesterday. I will not stop posting this. We are being overrun with shills posting roasties, muslims, and BLACKED threads to distract your insect brain. Ignore them. Ignore all the threads you've seen here a million times. The ones that include one very obvious leading question, that completely lacks any political significance that the mods still won't delete.
Help me look into this.
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I get digits every time I post this.
Last thread
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Because shills will slide:
I'm not implying the EAS is storing phone numbers to send alerts to. That's not even how it works.
However, the information needs to be sent securely, to protect the information of the individuals the alerts are sent to.
This, in addition to the Hawaii's protocol chart I posted, show that the message couldn't have been sent by accident.
It needs to go through several people first, who can all call it off.
They think you're too stupid to do 5 minutes of research.
And maybe we are, and these will be swept under the rug.
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This cannot die
All the threads on this board right now are USELESS SHILL BULLSHIT
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Yeah I agree, bump
This is the source
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If there was really a missile launch, the US would want you to know so that they can strike up some support for the coming war.
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Checked and bamped

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