Sunday, 14 January 2018

It's very hot where I am today

Heatwave in New Zealand

CURRENT WEATHER IN LOWER HUTT, NEW ZEALAND - that is just a few km from the capital, Wellington

To give an idea of how abnormal things are the average temperature for Lower Hutt in January is 17.3C.

It is currently 28C in the sunny end of the house (without direct sun) and 34C at ground level in the garden in semi-shade. It has been abou 26-28C at night.

When we have had episodes of cooler weather it has never gone beyond 18C.

That is still below average and I cannot think of a day in the last month where it has gone below that.

It is currently 32 deg C in Queenstown at 18.00

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A sea of RED. All red dots are 30degrees or more.
Southland as at 3:30pm

Click for interactive map.

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