Saturday, 20 January 2018

Follow-up to report of a submarine of the NE coast

Yesterday, when I was exhausted and about to retire for the night I came across the following and decided to post it hoping there would be confirmation the next day.

There has been no further comment so I have to place this in the category of RUMOR.

We live in frightening and very confusing times and I believe in informing people as best I can even if the material is unconfirmed; normally, if that is the case, I will say that.

Who would have said until a week ago that there would be a “false nuclear alarm” in Hawaii (whatever the explanation for that is) that send people putting their children into drains for protection – all to be followed up with a similar warning in Japan?

The East Coast of the United States may be subjected to attack by submarine launched missile(s) and the US Navy has scrambled NUMEROUS P-8A POSEIDON anti-submarine aircraft, to repeatedly search coastal waters from New York City to Washington, DC ALL DAY Thursday into Thursday Evening.

According to flight records, at least NINE anti-submarine warfare aircraft were sortied Thursday off the US East Coast, and Flight Records show they were engaged in very active hunting for submarine(s) off the East Coast . . . . well WITHIN the 12 mile territorial limit of the United States. Here is a list of the Anti-Submarine aircraft deployed in the United States today alone:

Here are a couple of the comments from the article

"If flight tracking websites are correct as of now Friday Jan 19th 1508Z off east coast a mix of P8s P3 E6 and Seahawks totalling more than 15 aircraft are patrolling close to shore. If this is still happening on the heels of yesterday either A they haven't found what they know to be there or B its just an extreme caution on what could be there. Either way in light of the failed attack on Hawaii if there is a rogue sub or subs on the East Coast one of the scary parts about this is the Shadow Govt won't make the same mistake and launch a single SLCM they will launch all what they have in the hopes atleast one gets through”"

There is little doubt that the CIA have submarines of their own

"The Tribe still has several Dolphin2 submarines. They may have started prepositioning them weeks ago in case their less violent options did not work. Therefore they might have had one or two in the Pacific (now destroyed), and others along the Atlantic seaboard."


Some extra material has come my way

I think it was a submarine they were looking for, not a spy ship

Russian spy ship spotted off US coast a year ago returns to region

Go to the 8’52 moment

Former CIA Robert David Steele "Hawaii Intercepted A Real Missile" Denise Wilbank Show

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