Friday, 18 August 2017

The Deep State's “Dirty Hands” on Venezuela Exposed

US Military Intervention in Venezuela

US Military Intervention in Venezuela to Stop Russian Stabilization. Russia has started importing food into Venezuela to help the beleaguered nation, but that interferes with US plans to topple the government.

Deep State “Dirty Hands” on Venezuela Exposed, Russia Intervenes with Food Aid

The Western Deep State wants to introduce “democracy” in Venezuela through political sanctions, financial system hacking, and religious war due to the country’s refusal to surrender control of its vast energy resources to the Wall Street bankers.
These multi-pronged Deep State attacks on Venezuela has been very persistent in the last decade.
As always, the Western media continue to be a critical tool in demonizing Latin American leaders who continue to exercise Bolivarian principles of defiance.

Trump's CIA Director: US Must Counter Russia, Iran and Hezbollah in Venezuela

UN Chief Warns Over US Military Intervention in Venezuela

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has stressed that Latin American countries must be safeguarded from foreign intervention after US President Donald Trump threatened military action in Venezuela

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