Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Arctic sea ice melt - update - 07/31/2017

Warmth and melting in the Arctic 
– update – 07/31/2017

After following this for about 6 years I’m not that prone to shock but I am shocked today.

Look at the wind in the Central Arctic Basin, At nearly 40 km/hr it is more than enough to churn up already thin ice.

The winds near Bering Strait and above Siberia are nearly 70 km/hr!!

Combine that with temrperature anamolies and make your own conclusions.

I have reorientated the map to make it more comprehensible

The Arctic looks positively balmy!

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Have a look at the temperature anomalies for the region....

Look at the Jet Stream winds.


Now for a verbal description.

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«This storm will spread out a lot of ice. It seems that other storms will follow the same path forming a train, which can end breaking and spreading the pack finishing on a similar shape as of 2016. 

Just that this is thinner younger ice. 

The general circulation adds a small push in the to-Atlantic direction. 

Expect sustainable decreases of area, and extent for at least the first half of August. 

Bottom melt won't stop until well into September or beyond.»

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