Thursday, 1 June 2017

Guy McPherson on Press TV: "Paris Climate Agreement is 'irrelevant' because global warming is irreversible

I can hardly emphasise this enough. The Paris agreement, along with Trump’s withdrawal, is all a circus. None of the the commitments can be kept.

Gaia’s a bitch.She has a mind of her own after waiting for humans for far too long.

We live in the Age of Consequences.

Paris climate agreement can’t stop global warming: US scientist
US President Donald Trump’s decision that his administration would not be adhering to the Paris Climate Agreement is “irrelevant” because global warming is irreversible and will inevitably lead to the demise of human life on Earth, an American climate scientist says.

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31 June, 2017

Trump is expected to pull his country out of a global pact to fight climate change known as the Paris Climate Agreement, a move that would have profound effects on the planet and deepen a rift with American allies.

According to Axios news outlet, which first reported the withdrawal, Trump’s decision was influenced by a letter from 22 Republican senators, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who have called for an exit from the landmark climate deal.

Axios said details of the pullout are being worked out by a team that includes Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt.

That comes as no surprise to anybody paying attention to global average temperature, the Trump administration, the deep state that operates within the United States or myriad of other factors associated with our near term demise as species,” said Dr. Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of natural resources - ecology - and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona.

None of this matters anymore, this is all a show, the Paris Agreement, the Trump administration’s response to it,” McPherson said during an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

All of these distractions, all of these irrelevant activities are merely a show to keep up from looking at the truth; to keep us from acknowledging that we as individuals are going to die and that our species is going to extinct and both of those are going to happen far faster than expected,” he added.

So we really don’t need much time analyzing the Trump administration’s response to the Paris Agreement. No United States presidential administration was ever going to honor the agreement because it couldn’t be honored.”

Trump had refused to endorse the landmark climate change accord at a G7 summit in Sicily last week, saying he needed more time to decide.

Trump has previously said climate change was a “hoax" to weaken US industry.

The decision would be a significant foreign policy break with nearly every other nation on earth and a major reversal of the Obama administration's efforts on climate change.


  1. Not only is the Paris agreement irrelevant, so is all that hype about how solar panels & wind turbines can get us off oil.

    That too is just another worthless distraction. The best I can say for those high tech "renewables" is that they will create JOBS in the short term & some wealthy people who live in energy efficient homes in climate favorable locations can save on their electric bills. They will still end up starving to death like the rest of us when the lights go out, they may still have theirs on but you cannot eat electricity & you can't substitute a concentrated,reliable, controllable, portable, energy source for one that's weak, dispersed, erratic & unreliable that's tied to that high energy, concentrated source, OIL.
    We are in for a very painful awakening from which there is no escape.

    1. Yes, Sheila, that about sums it up!