Friday 30 June 2017

Sweden giving life-long protection to ISIS jihadis

Sweden Giving ‘Protected Identities’ to Returning ISIS Jihadists, Granting Them Anonymity for Life

28 June, 2017

Sweden has given “protected identities” to residents who have returned to the country after fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq to ensure locals don’t find out they are jihadists, it’s been claimed.

According to Expressen, Sweden is protecting the identities of Swedish residents who once fought for the Islamic State, a measure normally given to people who are under possible threat.

The newspaper claimed that a 27-year-old former ISIS fighter, Walad Ali Yousef, had been granted a protected identity by the Swedish government. Yousef reportedly joined ISIS in 2014 and shared photographs of himself posing with AK-47 rifles, encouraging others to join the fight.

He had complained that because of the pictures he’s having trouble finding work.“I am looking for many jobs but cannot get one because my pictures are out there.”

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