Thursday 22 June 2017

Questions about deleted item from USGS website

USGS high strangeness: A magnitude 6.8 Santa Barbara California reported by USGS for 29th of June which is NEXT WEEK? Deleted

22 June, 2017

At 2.00, pm UTC, this morning USGS delivered into my email box a full report of a major mag 6.8 quake in Santa Barbara California, I receive reports from USGS on all quakes of mag 6. or higher.

I clicked on the link provided and was somewhat surprised to find a page claiming 'EVENT DELETED,' curios, I went to Santa Barbara News on my computer for more information but the only report on quakes was from a mag 3. on June the 9th, nearly two weeks ago.

As for why USGS would report a major quake in California which never happened, I can't imagine, what they were thinking about? With such massive resources I can't understand why they would make such an error, which it obviously was.

What is even stranger was the fact the report for the major quake was on 29th of June which is 7 days into the future?

Have the United States Geological Survey altered historic data on their website so as not to panic the people as major quakes have risen by more than 400% since 1900? 

I have checked every major quake since 1900 on the USGS website once in 2014 and once again this year  and alarmingly over 1,800 quakes have been added since my initial findings...
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  1. Actually, the "report" is dated for June 29, 2025. Still extremely weird.


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