Wednesday 28 June 2017

The state of Arctic ice - 06/27/2017

This is one person’s view. I do not know what his background is.

"For anyone else seeing this video, the author's key point is the collapse has gotten worse, and he now sees the autumn minimum being 1st to 2nd lowest of all time. In his previous video he thought not in the top 3 years."

Summer 2017 Sea Ice Outlook

With the acceleration in the melt this past week, I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict 2.5 million sq. km CT area for this melt season daily minimum—i.e. somewhere in between 2012 and 2016. I also now think that the Northwest Passage will open for sure (of course, the Northeast passage will open as well; that goes without saying at this point...)

This is part one from 19 June

Daily volume: 11,134 km³ (3rd lowest for the date) Δ –988/day
4227/week, –7839/month, +1442/year, –1463/5year (–12%)

Daily extent: 9,330,928 km² (4th lowest for the date) Δ –79k/day
487k/week, –2081k/month, +175k/year, –5k/5year (–0.1%)

2017 volume maximum 22,255 km³ on May 12th (*lowest*)
2017 volume minimum¹ 11,134 km³ on June 27th
2017 extent maximum 13,878,287 km² on March 6th (*lowest*)
2017 extent minimum¹ 9,330,928 km² on June 27h

¹Preliminary max/min

Source: JAXA / Wipneus for June 27th 2017.

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