Monday 26 June 2017

The call for "alternative energy" is really about Peak Oil - Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen delivers some home truths about the NGO-led climate marches and efforts to “save the planet”.

The main aim of the NGO’s and their corporate backers is to get subsidies for a growing sector of the industrial economy.

Between climate change, Peak Oil and habitat destruction solar, wind and electric cars are not going to save the planet, let alone the economy.

We are headed for inevitable collapse and the best thing that could happen for the Living Planet is an immediate collapse of the industrial economy and to prepare people for the inevitable collapse.

This, of course, leaves out the question of what will happen to all the nuclear power stations when the power goes off.

Otherwise, I am in 100 % agreement.

It’s time people started thinking for themselves rather than “shooting the messenger”

Interview segment from Extinction Radio – June, 2017

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    Constitutional concepts of the right that protects all right. An audio podcast presentation.


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