Wednesday 28 June 2017

The latest from Paul Beckwith

Water Weirding: Too Much or None at all

Water is vital for life. Water cycling from solid to liquid to vapour (gas) on Earth is changing with abrupt climate disruption. Phenomena like atmospheric rivers & water fingers are bringing more water & heat to higher latitudes. Gear-like patterns in the jet stream can firehose water from the ocean to land, creating intense long-duration rains & thus floods.

I chat about these things and much more; grab an ice water and let me tell you this water story

Weather Wilding, Weirding & Whiplashing

Our world has changed. Weather jumps from one extreme, like fire-hosing deluges with floods, to droughts, & then back again in months or years. What you get depends on where you are relative to crests & troughs of the jet streams. A 1-in-100 year flood can be every 10 years now.

Most of the public, decision makers & governments just don't get it. They rely on models, & forget to look out the window. Everything happens "faster than expected", thus clearly peoples expectations on rates of climate change must urgently change. Welcome to the Climate Casino...

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