Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Scientists speak their fears about climate change

I wish that just ONE of our leading NZ climate scientists would come clean about their fears instead of continuing to fool us all by sticking to the ‘steady-as-you-go’ and deeply-flawed IPCC reports.

My Facebook comments from today -

The denialists are getting desperate.

I had a comment today from one saying that the 2012 melt exceeded this year's.

Apart from the claim to being psychic it's amazing that this denier has to resort to comparison with the lowest sea ice extent on record.

What these idiots can't recognise is that the situation is very different in that there is very little multi-year ice left and ice in proximity to the Pole is fracturing and subject to ocean currents and winds that are affecting the area as we speak.

Whilst it takes a lot of heat to melt the ice once we get to this stage it doesn't really matter.

Barring miracles it doesn't really matter if there is a blue sea event or not. The ice has gone.

Does it matter that we end up with 2 mln sq km of ice instead of 1?

4 Climate Scientists & Their Fears for the Future

4 Climate Scientists & Their Fears for the Future (July 2017) (from ABC News Australia)

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