Saturday, 17 June 2017

‘Stay in Your Property’ - revenge for London Bridge attack?

What is becoming clear from witness accounts is that this fire went from the outside to the inside (not an exploding fridge) and that the police or firefighters told residents to stay in hteir places when there was a window of opportunity for people to escape.

This is a regular feature in recent disasters that when communities come together to help each other they get warned off by the authorities.

People are allowed to die when they might otherwise have lived.

This is coming close to being characterised as an act of state-sponsored terrorism.

Kensington Resident: As the Building Burned, Police Told Families to ‘Stay in Your Property’

1 Grenfell Tower Fire
16 June, 2017

As the dust clears from the Grenfell Tower inferno, residents are begins to tell their personal stories – some of them are truly shocking. 

One local female resident described how police were pushing residents away who were trying to help families escape the burning building – while emergency services were simultaneously instructing residents by telephone who trapped inside their flats to ‘Stay in your property.’

NOTE: Potentially an even more controversial component of this video; the woman in this emotionally-charged TV interview also went on to suggest that other residents feel that – either through the fire or the Fire Brigade and

Police’s botched rescue effort – was somehow “revenge” for the Muslim residents of the building in retaliation for the recent London Bridge Attacks.

Watch this stunning clip:

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