Sunday, 13 August 2017

Heat wave for South Australia

August heat record for South Australia

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South Australia to give August heat record a nudge the next few days

In more than 100 years of records, 36.5 degrees is the hottest it has been in South Australia in August, and this week will come close.

The far north town of Oodnadatta holds the record for hottest August day in the state, set in 1946, and will have another go on Tuesday.

The outback town, famous for its pink roadhouse, is about to turn a shade of red. It should reach about 34 degrees on Monday and about 36 degrees (14 degrees above average) on Tuesday as dry northwesterly winds draw heat from a baking northwestern Australia.

With help from ample sunshine, the WA Kimberley has been consistently reaching the mid thirties each day for the past week, two-to-three degrees hotter than the early August average.

In Oodnadatta, a sip of shandy or sarsparilla may be in order to quench the thirst. But watch out for blowing dust and flies as dry winds gust to about 50km/h at times.

At sunset, a relieving cooler wind change won't be far away. A southwesterly should arrive 8-9pm and drop the temperature below 20 degrees before midnight and below 15 degrees by sunrise on Wednesday. This cooler wind will hold Wednesday to a maximum near 25 degrees.

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