Monday 17 February 2020

Plans for martial law?

There is nothing I would like more than for this to be shown 
to be "crazy conspiracy theory". The only way of ruling this 
out is TIME and not ideas and opinions that exist in your 

Person claiming to have been 

deployed for UN and NATO 

missions claims there are 

plans for martial law

Hal Turner is saying to his subscribers that “NATO Troops are already being 
called-up to be used for military Quarantine Operations inside the United 

He also claims that:

Troops will be given wads of cash to offer to "buy" weapons in 
possession of citizens. If they sell -- and reveal WHO ELSE 
OWNS GUNS-- they will be paid more cash. Those who refuse, 

Under more “normal” times I would run away from such explosive claims but 
all I can say is there is little that I can totally rule out.

I am sure Turner will have a lot more to say about this on his radio show but, 

In the meantime I found the statements he was referring to in his article for his 

More on this tomorrow after I have heard Hal Turner speak about this.

I would like to believe this is really crazy, extreme conspiracy theory but I 
cannot rule anything out right now.

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