Thursday, 6 July 2017

Shock! Horror! Russia wants multi-polar world and respect for national sovereignty.

US Military Intelligence: Russia Seeks a Dystopian World Where No One State Dominates Entire Globe
Oh, the horror!

Marko Marjanović

4 July, 2017

The US Defense Intelligence Agency has just published a 116-pages long report on Russia, its strategic goals and its military. The report starts by laying out what kind of a world Russia wants:
Moscow seeks to promote a multi-polar world predicated on the principles of respect for state sovereignty and non-interference in other states’ internal affairs, the primacy of the United Nations, anda careful balance of powerpreventing one state or group of states from dominating the international order.

According to the DIA, Russia wants an international order based on:
  • respect for state sovereignty and non-interference
  • the primacy of the United Nations
  • no one state dominating the entire world with its cronies
Call me crazy but this sounds pretty darn good to me. Who could possibly object to this?*
With the possible exception of the principle of primacy of the UN this is pretty much what every civilized person should want from their world order. (Sadly the UN is as often an instrument of great power intervention in the affairs of smaller ones as it is a hindrance to it.)

The "resurgent Russia" you know from the western big media is a menace to international law bent on expansionist aggression to recarve the Soviet empire.
But it turns out Moscow's real sin is striving for a world where no single country—Russia included—rules the entire world, and where powerful countries don't get to use smaller ones as their regime-change playthings. How very non-evil of Russia! 
If this is really what Moscow wants (and US military intelligence says so) where does one signs up?

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