Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Paul Joseph Watson is (inconveniently) right again


Paul Joseph Watson

The US state of New Jersey has heeded advice published in The Duran and has formally listed the group Antifa as a domestic terrorist organisation.

The new classification appears on the website of the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security, along with a description of some of the group’s violent activities.

Antifa has committed multiple acts of violence and aggression in the United States against civilians and public figures. Its branches have also committed atrocious attacks in Europe.

Antifa is also represented among non-governmental Kurdish fighters in Syria whose aims threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

The update from the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security is welcomed by those who oppose far-left terrorism.

The humourless MSM versus the good-time Donald

CNN's humourless response to its own built-in obsolesce is rather amusing.
We're a Country of Imbeciles Who Believe Imbecilic Media: This Must Change Immediately

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