Thursday, 20 July 2017

Mike Ruppert - Prepare to Die, Eschaton Human - The End of More,

After a discussion with a friend I feel moved to repost this from Michael C. Ruppert.

Since he said this at the end of 2013 everything has got much worse and nothing has got better.

Since Mike’s death I have seen a return amongst many of his followers to peripheral issues - something he fulminated against towards the end. Anthropogenic climate change, ionising radiation from nuclear and the end of Infinite Growth.

NOTHING else matters.

It is, indeed, "the end of more"

The End of More
Prepare to Die, Eschaton Human - The End of More, Michael C. Ruppert 'Tracker of Truth'

Mike Ruppert and Guy McPherson - Game Over for Humans

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  1. It would seem that the human race can ONLY learn the most painful way possible. It's truly tragic that we're taking down all life with us. What a insane culture we live in.